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Heavy-duty lashing

Polyester lashing has the added advantage of a cross-weave that prevents splitting,manufactured from the same high tenacity polyester yarn. This very flexible load securing material is sometimes prefered because of its texture.
Can be printed with your company name or logo
Coil weighs 1/4 the weight of steel strap coils
Reduced failure rate compared to steel strap
Ease of disposal
Will not rust, stain or damage product
No share edges to cut employees or tires
Can be cut while under tension without the possibility of recoil injury
Has natural shock absorption providing the ability to move without breaking
Strap stays tight and does not loosen
Ability to retension strap and reuse strap
Polyester strap shrinks or expands with loads
1. no damage to painted surfaces
2. no corrosion
3. easy handling
4. a small manageable system
5. low investment costs
6. no risk of injury for shippers and consigneer in using or opening the strapping
7. limited resistance against lyes and acids
8. high shock buffer

Type Size Strength(KG) length/coil£¨M£© coils/box carton size(MM) G.W/BOX(KG) BOX/PLT
QY-LS-105 32MM 2000 250 2 360*360*400    22.0 45
QY-LS-115 32MM 2300 200 2 360*360*400    21.0 45
QY-LS-150 38MM 3500 150 2 360*360*400     20.0 45
QY-LS-200 40MM 5000 100 2 360*360*400    20.0 45
QY-LS-500 50MM 2500 100 2 360*360*400    18.0 45

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